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Born out of entrepreneurship and led by a woman, we bring together Dream Consultores and Dream Agro Business to positively impact Mozambique...

About Us


We are committed to creating conditions for community development through our projects.

As a company, we are focused on set goals, which include increasing agricultural productivity to supply the processing factory and consequently improving the quality of life for small-scale producers.

We are a Mozambican company with Tax Identification Number (NUIT) No. 400665818, dedicated to agribusiness since 2016. We exist in the market to meet the demand for natural-based agricultural products.

  • We are based in the Niassa province, with a production field in the Cimbunila district, administrative post of Lione in the villages of Chinenge and Mapalilo. This province boasts favorable climatic conditions for agricultural production and is still growing.
  • We have an area equivalent to 830 hectares of arable land surrounded by rivers, which is conducive to setting up irrigation systems. In addition to the production areas, we also have an approximately 20-hectare area designated for the construction of the processing factory.


  • Produce, promote, and process agricultural surpluses to foster sustainable growth in the sector.
  • Improve the quality of life for small-scale producers and contribute to local economic development.


  • Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Equality
  • Transparency
  • Loyalty
  • Love for others

Vision for the Future

Conserve, process, and transform the various agricultural surpluses that the country provides, and distribute them to the market as finished products.

Partners as the journey is made with those who provide assistance

Projects completed and presented to partners

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After reviewing the structure and workflow of Agro Business, I see the goal of offering assistance to those in need and contributing my strength.

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Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services including agricultural production, marketing, processing, consulting, and social responsibility. Each service is carefully designed to encompass the entire agricultural cycle, from planting to positive impact on the communities where we operate.

Agricultural Production

Dream has a land use title for 50 years, with a number 2166, parcel 1802, in Lione. The land for production is all cleared, leveled, and ready to produce. Currently, we are producing corn, soybeans, and beans in small areas with the prospect of expanding to the entire area in the short to medium term. In addition to providing assistance to small farmers through


Beyond our own production, to increase product quantities and meet market needs, Dream operates in the marketing of surpluses from small producers and similar companies. This action aims to meet the demand for local products by the domestic and international markets. By acquiring surpluses from small producers, the company will not only increase the quantity of products available to the market and fulfill contracts with clients, but it will also contribute to community development by providing the community with economic empowerment and motivation to increase production areas.


We are committed to processing all locally products, to add value and increase competitiveness in the international market. Currently, our products are sold as raw materials to the market in bulk. However, our greatest achievement will be a stablished processing plant for our products. This will not only benefit the company, but also contribute to the development of the community where it will be located. We will be able to absorb all the surpluses from the 10,000 families whose lives we have set out to transform in the next five years. This will also encourage other rural families who are not yet mapped to produce, knowing that they have a place to sell their surpluses.

Social Responsibility

Dealing with extremely poor families, the institution in its area of operation seeks to create more opportunities by establishing projects for generating employment and income in community families. Not only are packages created for the community, but also for the company's employees...

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Our Products

We farm with passion and dedication, offering a wide variety of products that not only meet market demands, but also enrich the land we cultivate. From nutritious cereals to versatile oilseeds and robust tubers, our variety reflects our commitment to agricultural excellence and the well-being of the communities we serve. Get to know the diversity we nurture and let's cultivate a more vibrant and sustainable future together.

Equitable Leadership

In our team, we take pride in promoting equitable leadership, with women holding the majority of leadership positions. We believe in the talent and capability of women to lead and inspire, which is why we prioritize their growth and development within the organization.

Rukssana Saide

Managing Director


We are always available to listen to your dreams and turn them into reality. Please don't hesitate to contact us for partnerships, projects, or simply to exchange ideas. Your success is our vision.


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